To conclude the course, it is important to do a brief review of the contents acquired throughout the year.

Providing them a glossary of grammar, expressions, vocabulary… and giving them the opportunity to create fun audiobooks to present later to their classmates is a very fun way to carry out this tasks.

That´s why I bring you the STORYJUMPER tool: easy to use, intuitive and very playful.

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-12 a las 13.22.41

They love it!

Here I share a small tutorials about how to use it:


You can also create a group class (providing them a code) and import the audiobooks to Google Classroom classes. What I like the most is that while they are working, you can correct their stories at the same time…

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The Primary 6 students have done oversize head figures for the festivities of our school: Santa Joaquina.

They have prepared different kind of designs for the 22nd of May in the Arts & Crafts subject and due to these circumstances they are going to use them next year to scare the little children of our school. It will be very funny!

We encourage you to have a look at their designs…

They are cool, aren´ t they?





Different options for the creation of the mind maps:

  • The Venn diagram:

It helps you to compare two things. In the middle part where overlap the circles, we are going to write the things that these two things have in common, while in the other sides, we should write the things that are different between them.

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  • The problem – solving loop:

It helps you to break a problem into small steps.

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  • The Y-chart:

It helps you to build a picture of a person, place or object describing things that you can see, things that you can hear and things that you can feel.

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  • The KWLH chart:

It helps you to research information about a topic. You need to complete it before, during and after your research with things that you know, things that you want to know, how you find out the information and things that you learnt.

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Different options for the creation of the mind maps:


  • The fish bone diagram:

It helps you to think about why something happens: these are the causes. The result of the causes is the effect.



  • The diamond:

It helps you to evaluate and order your ideas.



  • The umbrella chart:

It helps you to think about the different parts of a big topic.

umbrella chart


  • The PMI chart:

It helps you to identify the advantages (+) and disadvantages (-) of something.

Ainara mobil



Despite the fact that at the moment we have to be at home for taking care ourselves and taking care also the people around us, the day we can enjoy life again, travel and meet new cultures…we will do it even with more eager.

Our Primary 6 students have prepared a tourist tour of different cities that you can visit in the future.

As you can see, we are responsible and we stay at home, but we continue working and learning together.


Watch the videos below:


  • Primary 6th A:
Ainhoa Ainara
Paula Hodei
Urko Diego
Eneko Yaiza
Sare Laia
Iker Markel


  • Primary 6th B:
Iñigo      Rodrigo
Uxue Iria
June A. June S.
Alfonso Garbiñe
Martín Paula
Ángela Joel




Due to this emergency situation, last week the Primary 6 students had to say goodbye to our English assistant; Marcela.

She came from Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) to Bilbao to continue studying her university degree in Business and once a week she visited us to practice our oral skills with her.

She studies at Xavier University (Ohio) in his home country.

She started working with us in February and she was going to stay with us, initially, until May, but due to the current situation regarding the Covid-19 she had to urgently leave for the United States.

We were very sorry about that, since we learned a lot with her and she prepared very fun sessions for us.

Hopefully someday you can visit us again, Marcela!

Thank you very much for everything.

It was a nice pleasure to meet you.

We will miss you…

Our best wishes for you 🙂